The Radisson Canoe & Rotary Wheel

The Radisson Canoe:

A huge freighter canoe paddled to First Place by the Manitoba team in the 1967 Cross-Canada Centennial Canoe Race.  Most of these paddlers were from Flin Flon, the paddlers included;  John Norman (Creighton Sk), Wayne Soltys (Flin Flon), Roger Carriere (Cranberry Portage), Joe Michelle (Sturgeon Landing), Dave Wells (Flin Flon), Don Starkell (Winnipeg), and Blair Harvey (Flin Flon).  The Radisson can be seen in all its splendour at the Flin Flon Station Museum, a replica of the Radisson can be found at the Museum of Man and Nature in Winnipeg, MB.

Rotary Wheel

 This is a log pavilion, featuring a fire pit that can accommodate up to 160 people as per MLCC regulations. Ideal for social functions, meetings, and conferences.  
For information call Cait Bailey at (204) 681-7542.

Rotary Wheel Interior