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Water Utilities


For Billing Inquiries, please contact the Utilities Department:

Phone: 204-681-7511


Did you know we offer E-Billing?

Simply email your name, civic address, phone number, e-mail address, and account number to register.

To contact Utilities Works & Operations:
Phone: 204-681-7515

Utility Payments

The City of Flin Flon issues quarterly utility statements. Residents will receive a statement as per the billing schedule on the left. Utility bills are due by the last business day of the month they are received.

Payments can be made:

By Mail - (cheque or money order), together with the bottom portion of your utility invoice. Please ensure payments are received in our office on or before the due date to avoid penalties. Make cheque payable to The City of Flin Flon. Cheques may be postdated to the due date. The City of Flin Flon will also file postdated cheques if you would like to fill out ahead of time.

In-Person - Bring your utility invoice and payment to City Hall 20 First Ave, between 8:00 am - 4:30 pm Monday - Friday. DEBIT available (we do not accept credit card payment)

24 Hour Drop-off - Drop an envelope containing payment (cheque or money order) and the bottom portion of your utility invoice in the mailbox at the main entrance to City Hall. Please do not place cash in the dropbox.

Online Banking - We are registered as an electronic banking payee. If you subscribe to this service, simply log on to your bank's website to make your electronic payment by the due date. Please allow 3-5 business days for your payment to be processed.

For detailed instructions on how to sign up for making bill payments using online banking, click here.

Sewer Safety

Even though some products such as wipes and baby diapers claim to be flushable, they aren't.
Here is a list of some things to keep out of our sewers:
  • disposable diapers
  • tampons or tampon applicators
  • sanitary napkins 
  • cotton balls and swabs
  • condoms
  • cleaning wipes of any kind
  • facial tissue
  • bandages and bandage wrappings
  • automotive fluids
  • paint, solvents, sealants, and thinners
  • poisons and hazardous waste
  • pet waste
  • Unused medications
  • Protect drains from chemical spills — do not use sinks for chemical storage or secondary containment.
  • Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG)

Grease in sewer pipes causes sewer maintenance problems for property owners and the city.
Never pour grease down your sink drain and try to use your garbage disposal less.

What we will permit down the drain:
The only substances allowed down drains are those that meet all of the following criteria:
  • Nonhazardous
  • No radioactive waste
  • No hazardous chemical waste
  • No untreated biohazardous waste
  • Liquid
  • No solids, sludge, or viscous substances
  • Will not interfere with sewage treatment operations
  • No corrosive pH levels
  • No grease or oil
  • No hot (150°F or higher) temperatures in volumes of more than 10 gallons