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About Us

About Us
The City of Flin Flon is a unique northern-urban community with a trading area.  The City of Flin Flon can boast a wide array of amenities, such as The Flin Flon Tourist Park and Campground, Baker's Narrows Provincial Park, a number of fine restaurants, nightspots, scenic trails, boardwalk, golf course, lakes and so much more.

Flin Flon is a thriving northern community and vacationer’s dream destination nestled in the middle of nature's magnificence. Located north of the 54th parallel of latitude, the City of Flin Flon was built on old volcanic belt which gives the region a beautiful rocky landscape like no other.
This belt was formed millions of years ago by underwater volcanic eruptions, these intense eruptions and multiple episodes of glaciations left us the present unique landscape, and is the source of the vast mineral deposits in Flin Flon. 
Flin Flon has approximately 5,000 people.   There are approximately 200 people in Flin Flon, Saskatchewan making Flin Flon one of two border communities in Canada, the other being Lloydminster on the Saskatchewan/Alberta border. 
Located at the western entrance to the Grass River Corridor, the city is quickly forging a page in the history books as one of Canada's most unique communities.

We share the same latitude as Belfast, Copenhagen, and Moscow, and are only 743 km northwest of Manitoba’s capital of Winnipeg (via Highway #10) and 547 km northeast of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (via highway #106 - the Hanson Lake Road). 
Flin Flon is in close proximity to the Saskatchewan communities of Creighton and Denare Beach, all of which are located within a 20 km area.

Over 70 years old, Flin Flon continues to be a community with character, quality of life, and opportunity.