Business Development

Municipal Support

The City of Flin Flon encourages the development of new and existing businesses within the community in a number of ways. For businesses using existing buildings, it will provide advice and consultation about relevant standards, from a municipal perspective, including fees, taxes and permit arrangements, including occupancy permits. Home business licenses are available for businesses that meet appropriate criteria.

For projects involving new construction, the City will provide general advice on zoning and construction standards and it issues permits relative to these and other relevant matters such as demolition.

The City also has a variety of lots available for development of different sizes and in different areas of the city. In the case of large capital projects with a high potential for generating employment, a discount rate on city land, including outright donation, may be considered.

Please call Ted Elliot, Building Standards Enforcement Officer at (204) 681-7520 for advice on zoning and building standards. For most business licensing and tax inquiries, as well as for reviewing available land, please call Glenna Daschuk, CAO at (204) 681-7503. For more general inquiries or if you are not sure yet what your requirements may be, feel free to call Mark Kolt, City Solicitor at (204) 681-7505.

BizPaL Manitoba is an online service that provides entrepreneurs with information on the permits, licenses, permissions, approvals, registrations, certifications and other requirements needed to establish and run a business in Manitoba.  It is free to use and provides easy access to integrated information from Canada, Manitoba and participating local governments.

Development Support
There are Municipal, Provincial, and Federal agencies with mandates to provide support for business in the City of Flin Flon.

Please check out these organizations for programs that can enhance your business.

Community Futures Greenstone
Community Futures Greenstone is a "not for profit corporation" directed by a council appointed volunteer board of directors concerned about the economy and development of their community. Western Economic Diversification provides core funding. We are developmental lenders - applicants can apply for repayable loans for their business start-up or expansion. We assist communities in facilitating and obtaining funding to conduct various community projects.

You can visit the Community Futures Greenstone website at

For more information contact their office at:

Regional Office
Community Futures Greenstone
Suite 228 - 35 Main Street
Flin Flon, MB  R8A 1J7
Phone:  (204) 687-6967
Fax:  (204) 687-4456

Flin Flon Chamber of Commerce
The Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce were formed in 1948. The predecessor to the Chamber was an organization called The Board of Trade, dating from 1929. The original objectives are still held today - to promote and improve trade and commerce and the economic, civic and social welfare of the district. We are a group of concerned business people who are interested in improving local conditions and promoting the welfare of the community and its area - to promote the prosperity and growth in a united effort for the good of all. The local Chamber represents the communities of Flin Flon, Creighton, Denare Beach, and Cranberry Portage.
For more information, please see the Chamber of Commerce website at Flin Flon & District Chamber of Commerce.

Phone: (204) 687-4518