Tax Information

  • Taxes are due December 31st.
  • 1% Penalty will be applied to any tax arrears on the first of each month.
  • Outstanding utility account balances, works & operation accounts, portable garage accounts, & by-law enforced violations are automatically transferred to property taxes by December 1st. For more information click here.
  • Credits exceeding $400.00 will be issued back at the end of the year, any amounts under will be transferred automatically to utility accounts. 
  • Tax Statements usually arrive the last couple weeks of July for the current year.

Growing Our Community: Special Service Levy Presentation

Provincial School Tax Rebate:

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2021 Property taxes are due on or before December 31

As of December 3rd, any property tax accounts which held a credit after the 2021 taxes were paid has either now been refunded to the registered owner (anything over $400) or transferred over to its utility account (credits of $400 or less).

Be sure to pay your water utilities! We will be transferring outstanding utilities to tax accounts on the 6th of December.