Camp Whitney


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Rest! Relaxation! Recreation!

The perfect, secluded, remote wilderness camp is located on Lake Athapapskow.  It is set in the heart of the Boreal Forest; it is wilderness and nature at its best.

  • 10 rustic cabins (4 bunk beds and mattress / sleeps 8 people) plus tent sites available.
  • Cooking and dining facilities.
  • Newly constructed shower facilities.
  • Solar power system provides unlimited energy from the sun for all the camps needs. It is environmentally friendly, minimizes noise, and exhaust pollution. All with the convenience of flip-a-switch power.
  • Log pavilion with an open fireplace, perfect for parties, receptions, rainy days, and is great for roasting hot dogs, marshmallows, for storytelling, and sing songs. 
  • Two beautiful natural sand beaches.
  • Large playing area, ideal for volleyball, softball, and/or soccer.
  • Hiking trails, with an abundance of unspoiled nature and wildlife.
  • The Brian King Nature Trail.
As you continue on you will descend to a large tamarack swamp carpeted in horsetails, March marigolds, and Labrador tea. You'll feel you've entered a prehistoric realm as you walk through the swamp on a raised boardwalk to the far side. The next kilometre travels through a dark black spruce forest with trees hanging with lichens and where you will feel that at any minute a wolf or lynx will materialize and disappear. At the end of this forest, you ascend a steep slope where the light suddenly seems brighter and the forest type changes dramatically to balsam fir and white birch. Keep your eyes open for some rare moccasin flowers, and other orchids, Canada lilies, and patches of juniper. It will become evident that the terrain has suddenly changed from granite to limestone. The going gets a little rough because of the crevasses in the limestone; this goes on for a few hundred meters then suddenly ends on the edge of a limestone cliff. This cliff overlooks "Big" Athapapaskow Lake to the south, and from Limestone Narrows looking northeast through Mink Narrows leads to "Little" Athapapaskow Lake and to Bakers Narrows to the north-northeast. You can almost see and hear Voyageurs travelling in their birch bark canoes travelling this ancient trade route singing their French Canadian paddling songs.

At this point, you can choose to return along the trail or follow the train tracks back to Camp Whitney. Also, you can cross over the tracks, visit Leo LaVoie's camp and take a pre-arranged ride back to camp by boat. The total round trip is approximately 7 km.


Day Use only: $375
Up to 25ppl: $575/night
26-40 ppl: $875/night
40-80ppl: $1275/night

Booking inquiries
Danielle Yungwirth
(204) 681-7542
(204) 681-7543 

Amenities provided:  Showers, dining hall with kitchen facilities, barbeques, canoes, kayaks, eco-trails, volleyball court, root cellar for cold storage, the convenience of flip-a-switch power, and marina facilities.

Guests are responsible for bedding, (sleeping bags, pillows, etc.), personal toiletry, food and beverage, and having a great time.  Please remember to remove ALL items brought in.

*If needed transportation is available to and from Camp Whitney via Pontoon Boat.  Please reserve transportation at the time of booking to ensure availability. $200/round trip